21 Business Ideas in India for 2021

Looking for your next idea to build a small business in India? We've got a list of the best for you!

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    Disrupt a High-margin Business Through Counter-Positioning

    • Fragrances

      • Look at what ‘Fogg’ did to the deodorant market in India. In a market obsessed with status, they counter-positioned on cost and quickly became the largest player.

      • Check out what Musk & Hustle is doing in the US. Taking high end smells and selling them at a fraction of the cost.

      • Fragrance Making Kit for people to make their own unique fragrances.

    • Dietary Supplements.

      • Relatively easy to contract manufacture - I’ve seen 70% Gross Margins on these. Current distribution models through pharmacies can also be disrupted through D2C.

      • Ritual, Hum Nutrition, Persona Nutrition, Rootine, Binto, and more in the US market all have strong positioning that differentiates them from dominant players like GNC, Amway, etc.

      • In India, Supp, Power Gummies, Unived and maybe a few others are trying the same game but I don’t think they’ve nailed the positioning.

      • We have a few thoughts on this, email us if you’re interested in exploring it further.

    • Laundry Detergent

    • Can you think of more? If so, please email and let us know!

Cohort Based Learning

  • Start your own cohort based course for a niche where you excel.

    • For example, my wife does small courses on Gardening.

  • Build a Platform to help Cohort-based educators better engage with their communities.

Zoom & Notion Apps

  • Zoom has 300 million daily active users (DAU’s) (or doesn’t) but only 37 apps on its platform.

    • Huge potential here once the API is fully available.

  • Notion has 1 million DAU’s (in Jan 2020) and is planning to open its API’s sometime next year.

    • Not as big as other apps but I’d rather work in a niche.


Strava for other Sports/Activities

  • Strava is a social network for (amatuer) athletes that has become insanely popular.

    • I use it every single day.

    • I got addicted because of the social/competitive nature of the app where I could compete with my friends/enemies.

  • Can you think of another sport or activity that isn’t being serviced well by Strava or any other app?

Start an Amazon FBA Business

  • We did an episode with Rishiraj from Republic of Sellers on how he built a $300k revenue ($100k profit) Amazon FBA company in 1 year - you should also check out the website, lots of information on ecommerce.

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Zero Fee Marketplaces

  • Most online marketplaces (think Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, etc.) have a large take rate for every order that is placed on the platform - it can be 20-30% for food delivery.

    • A counter-positioning opportunity exists by not charging this take rate on every order.

    • An example I love are the zero/low fee ETFs started by Vanguard in a counter-positioning move that completely changed the investing landscape in the US. Check out the basic story here.

  • Dukaan, an example of a Zero-Fee marketplace in the MSME space.

  • Zerodha is a Low/Zero-Fee Marketplace for Equity trading.

  • Do you know a market with high distribution or transaction fees that can be disrupted?

Make in India Marketplace

Check out this list of 5,000 ‘Validated Ideas’.

  • “List of android apps with 100k+ downloads and ratings lower than 3.2.”

    • Basically Good Ideas but Executed Badly.

    • It costs only $3.99 - we’ve bought it and there are many good ideas - we don’t want to deprive the creator by just showing them.

Other Ideas

  1. XimiVogue, Daiso and Miniso type stores in India and the subsequent supply chains.

  2. Lego Trading - Collectibles in General.

  3. Leasing/Buying Vacation Homes and renting them out on AirBnB & Saffron Stays.

  4. Co-working 2.0 for remote workers combining long stay rentals along with a connected co-working space. 

  5. Turning online communities into physical communities in vacation hotspots or Tier 2 cities.

  6. Community Building for brands using apps such as Tribe.so & Circle.

  7. Software products for Sport Teams & Scout Management to recognise young talent.

  8. Software for Fund Managers to rank companies based on Environmental, Social or Governance metrics.