Please Donate for Covid Relief

Help the country get back to normal

Hey Everyone!

The country is going through a crisis at the moment and it felt wrong to send our usual newsletter this week. At The Indian Dream, we want to ignite the passions of entrepreneurship in people but it seems like thousands of those dreams are being extinguished every day. Today, we’d rather help keep those dreams alive.


We urge each one of you to donate either time or money to help someone in need. The link below is a list of verified organizations that are trying to help people across the country.

For Donations —

Medical Resources

The link below is a list of ICU Beds & medical resources such as remdesivir distributors, etc.. We don’t personally know the people on these lists, please do your own due diligence before transacting with them.

For beds and other medical resources —


Vaccinations work. We’ve gotten all our older family members vaccinated and plan to get ourselves vaccinated as well from May 1st. Please register and go to your nearest Vaccine Centre.

For Vaccinations —

Make Yourself Available to Help

If you or a family member need help, please feel free to reach out to us. Siddharth and I have been trying to help in our personal capacity as much as we can. If your family is healthy and safe, please try to reach out to those who need help. Organisations like Covid Help Nagpur need volunteers to help coordinate and update information.

We hope to send our usual email next week - I’ve already written most of it. Stay safe, stay healthy and get vaccinated!