Union Budget 2021 - Unleashing The Indian Dream

Opportunities from Union Budget 2021

🥡 Takeaways

  1. Get ready to party in Goa (on the Government’s dime).

  2. Infrastructure will be used to kickstart the economy (while reducing subsidies).

  3. Manufacturing is being pushed with incentives that are upto 6% of production costs of an item. Many opportunities in insurance, farming, education, etc. are also visible through the budget.

  4. Read the full budget speech here.

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🧐 Studying the budget for …. Market Research!

One of the topics that’s propped up time and again on our podcast is Market Research - especially for building profitable, bootstrapped businesses.

Basically, we’re suckers for businesses that are built by exploiting existing marketing gaps (Creating markets is extremely hard). To spot market gaps, you need to learn how to do Market Research.

Understanding the budget is a market research exercise.

We spent the last couple of days trying to make sense of the budget. We are by no means experts on these topics, and we were only looking at it to understand the impact on businesses and the opportunities that it can create.

We don’t care about the numbers, call us lazy, but we believe no-one actually remembers the numbers. Instead, it’s important to understand the broad areas the government is investing in and it’s intent.

🏅Let’s talk about Intent

Broadly speaking, the government has shown positive intent with the budget, probably the most progressive budget of the current government’s tenure.

  • Infrastructure Expenditure has gone up significantly and this means we can expect more projects such as Metros, Ports, Water/Gas Pipelines, Highways, etc.

    • Subsidies have reduced and instead, the government has increased capital expenditure into long term assets.

    • These projects have huge downstream impact on creating a favorable business environment for the economy to grow:

      • Creates infrastructural assets that attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Inflows. Extremely important for our future growth.

      • Kickstarts commerce in the market as government contracts buy raw materials, hire sub-contractors and labor. It stimulates the economy and creates demand. Demand builds interesting new businesses.

  • Ease of Doing Business has been a focus area for the last few years. Ever year, Social Media discusses how we climbed from one really bad ranking to another really bad ranking in the ease of doing business index.

💰Opportunities from the Budget

🔗Manufacturing is a big focus:

  • Production linked incentives of upto 4%-6% of production costs and hiked custom duties point to the Industries that the government is keen on building in India.

  • Opportunities in

    • Advance chemistry cell (ACC) battery used in consumer electronics, electric vehicles, renewable energy;

    • electronic and technology products;

    • automobiles and automobile components;

    • pharmaceutical drugs;

    • telecom and networking products;

    • textile products; food products;

    • solar PV modules;

    • air conditioners,

    • LEDs and specialty steel.

  • 7 Textile Parks will be set up to promote garment manufacturing in India. The reason the government wants to focus on this is because its a labor intensive industry and therefore can generate high employment.

  • Indigenous Toy Based Learning is a focus area for the government. We recently spoke about the EXACT same thing on our Munchies Episode.


  • Massive opportunities across the board for private contractors to bid for these government projects of all sizes, across different industries.

    • In my previous job, I extensively worked with contractors and these people almost always had political backing. We’re yet to find a story of an entrepreneur who grew big as a contractor without favorable political conditions. If you know of one, we’d love to host him on the podcast. If not, it is what it is.

  • There are startups who playing on the fringes of Infrastructure building solid businesses.

🚗 Scrap Policy

  • Long awaited Vehicle Scrappage policy will help reduce our reliance on imported scrap and build a circular economy for the Auto Industry and second steel producers. Of course, it will also promote new car sales.

  • There are interesting niches within this segment:

    • Build an offline business of buying scrapped cars and segregating the different kinds of scrap

    • Processing scrap to raw materials for secondary steel

    • Scrap metal export business should also be interesting to explore

  • What helps is that this is an extremely unsexy business. We love unsexy businesses, there are usually opportunities to build profitable businesses.


  • Government wants Indian education institutions to partner with foreign institutions.

    • A trend that we’re seeing with the new age institutions.

    • For ex: ISB, Ashoka, Plaksha all partner with foreign institutions.


  • Clean air in Urban Indian Cities is an epidemic in the making. A big budget has been dedicated (Rs. 2k Crore Big) to fight. Startups like Nanonclean, Chakr, Devic Earth are doing interesting stuff in this space.

🌽Agriculture & Fisheries:

  • Operation Green Scheme will promote processing and value added products of 22 perishable products.

  • Food Processing has been a focus area for a while and the government continues to spend it. Exciting industry with low Capex to find interesting opportunities.

  • A Multipurpose Seaweed Park in Tamil Nadu.


  • Increase in the FDI Limit in the Insurance sector to 74% will give a huge boost to the Insur-tech startups such as Acko and Digit.

  • There are also more opportunities to build B2C as well as B2B businesses to improve the way Insurances are sold and to optimize the way the claims are processed.

💃🏻The Biggest Opportunity of them all…

The Government of India is setting aside Rs. 300 Cr for the celebrations of Goa’s Diamond Jubilee year of the state’s liberation from Portuguese rule. Yup, Goa’s going to have a one massive party!! Let’s all go.

That’s it for now, we’ll keep you posted as and when we find more Trends basis the governments planned expenditures. Until then, let’s all collectively pray that the execution of this budget is top notch! One can hope…

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