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The Indian Dream Trends (TID Trends) is a newsletter to identify new markets and ideas that are set to explode in the next few years.

We put in 40+ hours of research to explore business ideas and markets that we expect to explode in the next few years and share that in ~7 minute reads with our subscribers on a weekly basis.

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Here’s a little back story on why we’re launching TID Trends.

A few months back, we started The Indian Dream Podcast with the goal of understanding how bootstrapped, profitable businesses have been built in India over the last few decades. We wanted to uncover the stories of these entrepreneurs and how their unique point of views were crucial in setting up and scaling their businesses.

One of the things that stood out for us was the way these entrepreneurs identified opportunities. Almost all of them found a market that was nascent and took small bets to explore the market. And they scaled as the market grew.

That got us thinking, while we were able to understand the various frameworks of how they scaled their business, we needed a way to identify these nascent markets where new businesses could be built. That’s how we came up with The Indian Dream Trends (TID Trends).

TID Podcast
is about looking at the past to learn about how to build and scale businesses. TID Trends is an attempt to look at the future to identify markets and ideas to apply these learnings to!

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Discover the next big business idea before it explodes.


The Indian Dream tells the stories of the bootstrapped, long term thinker, risk-taker Entrepreneur.