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Wanted to share my 2 bits about it.

1. By writing that article itself you have been able to reflect your feelings & thoughts,we may have it in our minds often but when put down in writing it makes a big difference. You feel those emotions.

2. These are difficult times for all,but I still try to detach myself from the negativity and just do my bit in helping whoever I can. Doesn’t have to be something massive,something as little as helping 1 or 2 people with medications or contacts or vaccines etc is good enough

3. Don’t attach your happiness to only limited things,keep figuring or learning something new. You are already doing all this.

4. As for lack of purpose,that’s a feeling I think we all are going through,but just little progress everyday should make you content.

5. Last but not least- as in running or in life- It’s not about the result,it’s the process & journey that matters. So just enjoy that.

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Thank you for this post!

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