Great analysis and very in-depth!

I had been looking for something on ONDC for quite some time, it's surprising how little information is available in the public domain!

A few thoughts after reading this:

1. Seller Data will become Open Source: Does this mean Amazon/Flipkart seller data becomes accessible to everyone? Unlikely that they'll give up their prized data easily. Maybe they'll bifurcate the database to pre-ONDC and post-ONDC, possibly launch a new sub-brand just for ONDC

2. No Centralisation might lead to Quality Problems: This was my first thought as well, Flipkart/Amazon have solved significant operational challenges (ok, well maybe not Flipkart!) over the years, ONDC will face the same, and some even amplified, because of multiple nodes and levels of sellers involved. Could this be an opportunity for a business to help solve this? Is ONDC open to third party solutions?

3. 41% of ONDC is owned by 5 Indian Banks: Who owns the remaining 59%? Are the names of these private sector institutions not public? Raises some questions...

Overall great analysis, would love to see some business opportunities being discussed around ONDC.


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Glad to discover this newsletter, keep it up

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